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Global Instant Source is a site intended to be used for the purpose of service providing who are seeking suitable staffs/security guard/manpower either male or female for their concern and for that purpose there are certain eligible criteria and/or conditions which are to be complied with before registration in this site.

Preamble: Global Instant Source herein has been running a business for servicing human resource as security guard/staffs/manpower to different places as per requirement of its clients. This is for executive search services. This does not apply to retainer executive search services or any other kind of executive search service. The service provider/Global Instant Source will provide consultation service to resource and recruit suitable experienced candidates for of its clients as per details and selection criteria specified by of its clients doing so it will ensure that the candidate has a basis understanding of the position and background and personal interest to the said opening. Such service will be started on receipt of receiving of mandate (CV’s including all personal documents relating to identity proof) by the service provider or as per the direction of its clients to start the work. The Service Provider shall keep confidential and not directly or indirectly use any person except as authorized or required by its duties or by law or any terms in this agreement or any information acquired by its in the course of the recruitment process or otherwise in its performance of this agreement and which is trade secret or know how or is otherwise the confidential property of its client or any of its related companies or sister concerns or was acquired by the service provider under a duty of confidentially. The Service Provider will obtain concurrence from all the prospective candidates about his/her interest in the clients of the First Part and the position that was described by the Service Provider. The Service Provider will ensure that it provides correct information about the candidates from time to time and will not misrepresent any fact. The clients knowing and satisfying the above mentioned clauses and for its need of some staffs/manpower/security guard requested the Service Provider to supply them as per their requirement.


Accessibility of this service subject for maintaining the confidentiality of the information and Restrictions imposed to access the data along with the acceptance of responsibility on each and every activities and steps that occurs under the data Global Instant Source reserves the right to terminate the service, data, remove or edit content or cancel the subscription at its sole discretion.


  1. That the Global Instant Source shall provide the candidate(s) as per requirement of the clients at his/ her establishment.
  2. The service charges will be 8.33% for junior management level and Middle Management level and 10% for senior Management level on total salary of the person.
  3. The Global Instant Source shall provide a free replacement within 10 working days if the person voluntarily terminates employment within 90 days from the date of joining.
  4. Service tax shall be paid by the client as norms.
  5. The client shall pay the service charge of the particular person to the Global Instant Source within 7 days of the joining.
  6. The Global Instant Source send a copy of the appointment letter along with details break up or remuneration package including allowances and perks to the client.
  7. The client shall pay the professional fees of the Global Instant Source, after recommendation of any per person to the company of the client, if that particular person joined within 6 months from the date of interview and or sending his resume/CV to the client.
  8. In any circumstances the resume/CV sent by the Second already in the data Bank of the Client or receive through some other consultant, the Second Part shall immediately intimate the same or else for such candidates, if selected by the client, the client shall be required to pay the placement charges as applicable.
  9. The Global Instant Source shall forward candidates to the office of the client as per availability of the candidates, however the Global Instant Source shall try to line up all the candidates shortlisted by the client as per the convenience of the Client.
  10. The Global Instant Source shall keep touch with the selected candidates to facilitate his/ her joining with the organization of the client and inform the client by the Global Instant Source, if any development.
  11. The client shall submit the following information to the Global Instant Source:-
    1. Company profile.
    2. Background.
    3. Employment details
    4. Salary offer.
    5. Job hours.
    6. Nature of job.
    7. Eligibility conditions.
    8. Gender preference
    9. Or any other related terms and conditions on the prescribed format or on the letterhead of the client or through email from official email id with the name of contact person so as to enable us to enable us to shortlist best candidates as per your requirements. The Global Instant Source shall maintain confidentiality of the client.
  12. The client shall feedback of the candidates to the Global Instant Source those interviews already done by the client within 2 days so that the Global Instant Source can arrange the next round of interviews or joining of the candidates expeditiously.
  13. In the event of replacement of the candidate if the replaced candidate is placed at the higher package an invoice for the difference of amount will be raised which needs to be paid within 7 working days of joining the candidates. In that event the replaced candidate has been put in the lower package, the difference of amount will be adjusted in the next selected candidates whilst rising his/ her invoice.
  14. Once the candidate joins the duty, an invoice will be raised in the name of the firm. The cheque should be made in favour of M/s GLOBAL INSTANT SOURCE.
  15. M/s GLOBAL INSTANT SOURCE does not take any responsibility of any activity of the candidates during pre or post employment. Employer will not hold “Global Instant Source” responsible for any deed or misdeed of the employee. It is the total responsibility and discretion of employer to appoint or remove the candidates at their will.
  16. The client will not use transmit or post any content, information or trademark without the prior consent of person holding its licensed right. The client(s) if engages in such activities will it at own risk and this site shall not be responsible for that activities of the subscribers.
  17. The site reserves the right to edit, delete, eclipse or withhold display of any content or without display of any content or information but it is not duty bound to do so in the light of rules. That the site has restricted saving of images etc and copying and content from certain sections or portal as a security measure.
  18. DISCLAIMER CLAUSE: The site provides information “AS IT IS” and “AS SAME IS AVAILABLE TO THE SITE” as given by its client(s). The site make its clear and the members agree that there is no representation or any kind of warranties of any kind express or implied as to the data or information or any kind of content or material that are available on the site. The members agree to use its voluntarily at their own responsibility and risk.
  19. All kinds of warranties of whatever nature express or implied to the fell extent permissible by law including but not only limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed by Global Instant Source
  20. This site further disclaims and does not guarantee or warranty that this site that the servers and the E-mail that are sent from it are free of viruses or other harmful components. The site does not guarantee damages from the use of it and this damage include direct, indirect incidental punitive consequential and all other damages.

    The members are advised to look into our other policies such as pricing and other that are posted on this site the same policy also govern your visit to www.soulmatesmatrimony.com void, invalid or unenforceable that condition shall be deemed to be cancelled but the validity of other remaining conditions will not be affected.

  22. APPLICABLE LAW: Global Instant Source is a KOLKATA based service provider site / organization and the agreement is deemed to have been entered in KOLKATA and as such all disputes between the members and Global Instant Source are referred to arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 appointed by the Global Instant Source and the decision of the arbitration is final and binding to the parties.
    JURISDICTION: Jurisdiction of all disputes shall be at Kolkata in the state of West Bengal.

    • N.B.: 1. Global Instant Source does not approve of child labour or any activities contrary to the law and harmful engaged in the work and or which is not the permitted by law. As such, any such transaction if carried on by and between any two parties, the Global Instant Source shall not stand as witness to the same nor shall Global Instant Source be responsible for any transaction. The same shall be sole responsibility / liability of the transaction parties concerned.
    • N.B.: 2. All the above Terms & Conditions and causes incorporated herein above are subject to changes or modify or alter without any notice at the sole discretion of Global Instant Source The site is not responsible and/or guarantees any information supplied by any members are required to verify such information, communication is at the sole risk of the members without any responsibility of the site.
    • N.B.: 3. The Terms & Conditions as mentioned above may be changed without any notice to the clients as and when necessary.

The client(s) also state that they have understood the meaning purport of the clauses, terms and conditions of this agreement including the arbitration clause of this agreement.

I agree with the terms and conditions of this agreement.